Hi, and welcome to the Cupron Medical Textile Blog. In the coming weeks myself and my colleagues at Cupron will be posting articles discussing the latest trends, controversies, and background information in the antimicrobial, Hospital Acquired Infection, and Infection Prevention areas.

This first post is an introduction to both the company and me personally (Alastair Monk) who will be one of the authors of this blog alongside Vikram Kanmukhla and Gadi Borkow .

Cupron is a provider of  copper technologies to a range of healthcare, military, industrial and consumer partners. The copper formulations are used in partner products for antimicrobial, cosmetic, and anti odor purposes.

a-monkI am a PhD microbiologist with a background in antibiotic resistance, bacterial population genetics, and infectious disease epidemiology. More recently my areas of interest have been focused on environmental decontamination, MDRO and Clostridium difficile transmission and epidemiology, Hospital Acquired Infection etiology, as well as novel technologies to assist infection prevention efforts utilizing antimicrobial agents.

I first developed a love of microbiology in my undergraduate days at the University of Birmingham, and after graduation moved to the University of Bath to work with Mark Enright using MLST and genoptying methodologies on MRSA. I subsequently moved to a postdoc position at Virginia Commonwealth University to work with Gordon Archer using and developing molecular typing methodologies for Staphylococcus epidermidis, microarray expression data for Staphylococci, identification and virulence of Staphylococcus hominis in clinical isolates, virulence and pathogenicity of Staphylococcus epidermidis using C. elegans as a model, as well as work on resistance mechanisms of MRSA to a range of antibiotics.

After my postdoc I became a Team leader, later Senior Scientist at Biocontrol (now Ampliphi) harnessing bacteriophages as novel treatments for a range of MDRO untreatable conditions. I then returned to Richmond, Virginia to join Cupron Inc. as Director of Clinical and Scientific Affairs.

In the coming blog posts I hope to discuss more about the role of the environment in infection prevention, use of antimicrobials (and just what can be considered an antimicrobial!), as well as new information in the field of infection prevention.

Please feel free to comment or share these posts-we welcome your input, insights and thoughts.