Who We Are

Cupron, Inc. is a copper-based antimicrobial technology company that brings the unique properties of copper to healthcare, military, industrial and consumer products. Copper possesses strong antimicrobial, anti-odor, and skin enhancement properties. Cupron embeds specified copper compounds in polymers that enable finished products to deliver the desired impact. Unlike topically-applied solutions, Cupron’s durable embedded copper technology does not wash or rub off.

Cupron’s patented and proprietary embedded copper technology has earned multiple, unique Public Health Claims from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and additional innovations are in development.

Cupron’s offices are located in Richmond, VA.

Healthcare Focus

Cupron’s strategic focus is patient safety. Since 2012, Cupron has partnered with hospitals to test the initial hypothesis that surrounding patients with self-sanitizing patient gowns, bed linens and hard surfaces would lower HAI rates and improve patient safety. 

The impact of Cupron’s copper-infused technology on healthcare-associated infections (HAI) has been peer-reviewed and published in several scientific journals.  To date five outcomes-based studies, involving either Cupron Medical Textiles or both Cupron Medical Textiles and EOSCU Cupron Enhanced EOS Surfaces, have been published.  Studies show the patient gowns and bed linens to be the two most MRSA contaminated surfaces, followed by overbed tables, flooring, and hospital bedrails. Our continuously active technology provides an extra layer of protection and complements standard laundering, room cleaning, and infection control processes.

Cupron Medical Textiles

  • Have been used by over 300,000 patients spanning nearly 1,800,000 patient days (January 2018)
  • Industry standard 55/45 cotton/polyester construction
  • Processed daily in multiple commercial healthcare laundries
  • Have been shown to stay in circulation >80% longer than regular white linens
  • Retain efficacy for >100 industrial washings
  • Are a distinct color to differentiate them from standard white linens
  • Converting from standard white linens to Cupron Medical Textiles involves no process or workflow changes for healthcare staff
  • Products include Patient Gowns (regular and 10X), Top Sheets, Bottom Sheets, Draw Sheets, Pillowcases, Bath Blankets, Thermal Blankets, Bath Towels and Wash Cloths

Other Applications

The first true “field test” of our embedded copper technology involved the 33 Chilean miners that were trapped 2,300 feet below the surface for 69 days in 2010. After the miners complained of fungal infections on their feet, Cupron sent prototypes of our antifungal socks to the Copiapo mine. Within days of wearing the Cupron socks, the fungi disappeared. Following the incident, Cupron earned the only EPA Public Health Claim ever awarded for antifungal fibers.

Cupron technology has been incorporated into products sold by several international branded consumer companies, including Kimberly-Clark, Unilever, Under Armour, Dr. Scholl’s, Carhartt, New Balance, Copper Sole, and Provonic. Applications include antifungal, anti-odor, and skin enhancement.