Information for Healthcare Partners

  • Multiple studies show significant HAI reduction
  • Self-sanitizing patient gowns and bed linens
  • Continuously active technology is additive to episodic environmental cleaning
  • Used for 1.8 million patient days as of December 2018
  • Copper based EPA registered antimicrobial
  • No change in infection control processes
  • Unique color differentiates from standard white linen
  • Promotes patient engagement

Information for Laundry Providers

  • Processed daily in multiple commercial healthcare laundries
  • No changes to laundering process
  • Retains efficacy for over 100 washes
  • No wastewater discharge concerns
  • Unique color differentiates from standard white linen
  • Durable antimicrobial embedded for the life of the product
  • Range of bed linens and patient gowns available
  • Peroxide and bleach compatible

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Address: Cupron, Inc., 4329 November Ave, Richmond, VA 23231 (804) 322-3650

Cupron Medical Textiles are institutional linens constructed from an industry standard blend of cotton and polyester, but have been infused with an EPA registered antimicrobial copper formulation for product protection. Products include patient gowns (regular and 10x), sheets (top sheet, draw sheet, ICU sheet and knitted fitted sheet), blankets (bath blankets and thermal blankets), pillowcases, towels and washcloths.

Cupron’s proprietary copper formulations release copper ions. When bacteria and copper ions come into contact, the copper ions weaken the outer membrane of the bacteria cell through the process of oxidation. Copper is toxic to the inside of the cell and, eventually, the copper ions cause the cell to rupture. The cell then loses its vital structure, and dies.

Copper has multiple pathways to protect products. That makes it more difficult for bacteria to become resistant to its powerful effect.

Contact us to get more information on  how copper kills bacteria

Cupron’s proprietary copper formulations are added to the fibers at the time of manufacture and are physically embedded, leading to a durable, long term antimicrobial protection of the product.

No, due to the copper compounds being physically embedded into the linens limited increases in copper have been noted by laundry partners. In addition the copper formulations used in the linens are EPA registered

No, copper attacks microbes using a range of methods unlike a single method antibiotic. Copper formulations have been broadly used as fungicides and material preservatives with no reports of resistance.